CareerTrackers creates professional career pathways for Indigenous university students. It matches students’ career aspirations with private sector employers who provide in-depth work experience in the form of paid internships.

There are 83,000 young Indigenous Australians living in our disadvantaged communities that are unable to access the educational and broader life opportunities they need to reach their full potential. The disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is continually highlighted across education and employment results and participation. Indigenous young people are half as likely to finish year twelve and are represented at university at about one-fifth the rate of their non-Indigenous peers.

The CareerTrackers Indigenous Internship Program is a non-profit social enterprise creating private sector internship opportunities for talented Indigenous university students. The program provides support and structure for both student and employer. All internships are merit based and program participants receive intensive interview and employability skills training before undergoing an employment selection process. Similarly, CareerTrackers prepare the employer for the intern providing cultural awareness training and structure to the intern’s workplace assignments.

CareerTrackers monitors the relationship between the intern and employer to ensure a meaningful experience and constructive feedback. It also provides academic support to help interns balance their study and work commitments. Through the CareerTrackers Alumni Association they can access continuing personal, professional and peer support. CareerTrackers is creating a community of Indigenous business professionals to serve as corporate and community role models.

Did you know?

  • Indigenous Australians are three times more likely to be unemployed than non-indigenous Australians.
  • Only one in seven Indigenous Australians are in highly skilled occupations.
  • Only 39% of young Indigenous people are engaged in any form of formal employment.

Since 2010, CareerTrackers has grown rapidly, and as of 2015 1,138 interns have engaged with 86 employers.

CareerTrackers is the vital link that ensures those form disadvantaged backgrounds have the guidance they need to successfully transition from a learning environment to a rewarding career. Their work is critical to developing strong Indigenous business leaders and creating generational change.

Download the CareerTrackers 2015 impact report profile for more information (PDF, 229KB)


  • As of 2015, 1,138 interns have been engaged by 86 employers.
  • The program achieves a strong success rate of 89% of participants’ transitioning to full-time employment.
  • Over the six years of partnership with CareerTrackers, SVA contributed $301,677 in funding enabling CareerTrackers to establish itself as an organisation and now operate as a self-sustaining social enterprise.
  • Provided capacity building through leadership mentoring to CareerTrackers CEO as well as advice on governance and how to scale effectively.
  • Leveraged SVA’s networks to showcase CareerTrackers to key corporates who have been integral to their scale and providing ongoing employment opportunities for their participants.
  • Conducted an SROI that demonstrated that for every $1 invested in CareerTrackers, $4.40 is returned in value.
  • Nominated for 2013 Social Enterprise Innovation Award

SVA support

“SVA’s support of CareerTrackers has been critical from the start. SVA provided funding for us to become an organisation with employees, participants and supporters. Today, SVA is not just a funder, they are a partner, walking side by side through the rapid growth and development of CareerTrackers.”

Michael Combs, CEO

SVA partners with CareerTrackers to help them grow and scale to increase their impact and help even more young Indigenous people like Morgan follow their career aspirations.

CareerTrackers initially came to gain SVA’s support in 2010 through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations’ (DEEWR) Supporting Social Enterprises Project (SSEP). ). Through SSEP funding CareerTrackers recruited three staff members and began building corporate and university relationships with the aim of securing 28 internships: a target they significantly exceeded.

By the end of 2011, 125 internships had been secured and set the target of supporting 8% of Indigenous students enrolled in university by 2016: an estimated 1,000 students. They had also laid down strong foundations including assembling a start-up board, creating a constitution and establishing DGR status. SVA recognised the potential to create generational change and established a multi-year partnership with CareerTrackers in 2012.

SVA supported CareerTrackers with their national expansion and to become more financially self sustainable, particularly with developing a fundraising and stakeholder management strategy, organisational strategy, identifying & communicating impact, advocacy and thought leadership and program and intern development opportunities.