Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Ambassador Program

Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Ambassador program for grantees


SVA Consulting was engaged to co-create an ambassador program for the Commonwealth Bank Foundation that matches employees at the bank with not-for-profit grant recipients, giving them access to in-kind and pro-bono support.

Role we played

SVA Consulting played a critical role in the creation of the program, including defining the theory of change, creating tools and collecting resources for ambassadors, and outlining how the program can be evaluated to ensure good outcomes.

A key part of the project was creating the Assessment Tool, a series of 20 questions to capture the current needs of an organisation and how the Commonwealth Bank could best help. These questions were derived from the SVA Fundamentals For Impact and built into a survey which examined both the current and ideal future state for the grant recipient. The results of the survey were then mapped to the potential support that the Commonwealth Bank could offer, from pro-bono work to conferences to financial literacy assistance, to ensure that the support was being targeted in the most effective way to help that organisation.

We also had the privilege of coaching the first ambassador and sitting in on their first meeting with their grantee, making final adjustments to the program while ensuring the implementation went smoothly.


The ambassador program pilot has been launched, and the full program is being rolled out to all 200 grant recipients within the next year. This will lead to increased knowledge sharing between the profit and non-profit sector, and add significant value to the grantees.