Uniting NSW/ACT

Maximising the social and commercial value of Uniting’s property portfolio


SVA Consulting was engaged to support Uniting NSW/ACT to develop a property strategy, structure and tools that will enable its social mission, ensure financial sustainability and safeguard the legacy of its property assets, worth approximately $1 billion.

Role we played

Working alongside Uniting NSW/ACT and two other consulting firms (Charter Keck Cramer and Aquasia), SVA Consulting:

  • Conducted workshops with management and Board members and undertook data analysis to understand the community needs Uniting hoped to meet
  • Identified the current state of Uniting’s property portfolio including the location, use, value and opportunities through workshops with management and Board members and data analysis
  • Designed the tools, structures and frameworks required to maximise social and financial value creation including decision-making frameworks, reporting tools and a roadmap for continuous improvement.


Uniting NSW/ACT now has a clear roadmap, with detailed recommendations, that will allow it to redesign its approach to managing its property portfolio.

This new approach will enable senior management and the board to make critical decisions that maximise the social and financial value created by its property portfolio. This roadmap covered strategy, management structure, data and information, portfolio analysis and planning, asset management, governance and asset ownership.

The project also designed sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools to increase Uniting’s understanding of its current portfolio and the implications of future decisions.