White Ribbon

Organisation-level logic model and approach to outcomes management  


The White Ribbon project had three key objectives:  

  1. Understand and monitor the impact White Ribbon is having at an organisation level to ensure alignment with strategy and purpose  
  2. Build a greater understanding and transparency on how current programs contribute to overall organisational outcomes  
  3. Enable the organisation to communicate the impact they create in a clear and compelling way to a broader audience 

Role we played

SVA Consulting helped White Ribbon clarify their overall purpose and organisational objectives, developing a program logic and outcomes framework to ensure they are measuring the impact of their work across all of their programs.  

As part of this engagement, SVA Consulting:  

  • Led stakeholder interviews with the management team, staff, and the Board to develop an organisation-level logic model, clarifying the purpose of the organisation and their intended impact  
  • Conducted market research to understand outcomes associated with primary prevention and social change movements  
  • Developed a high-level measurement and evaluation framework to help the organisation measure their outcomes and assist management to make strategic decisions around their programming  


White Ribbon now have greater clarity of purpose, a strategic narrative about the impact of their work, and clear priority outcomes to measure and understand their impact.