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Reflecting on FY20

Malcolm Garrow, Executive Director, Consulting
Message from Malcolm Garrow, Executive Director, Consulting

This past financial year has been a memorable one – and not always for the right reasons. For those of us focused on supporting people and communities to thrive, it has felt like just one curve ball after another. We’ve had bushfires, Covid-19 and now our first recession in nearly 30 years, all of which have severely impacted the wellbeing of our communities.

And yet, we are all still here and we are all still working. That’s because we know that our communities need our support now more than ever. This year we have seen and supported many organisations to do extraordinary things in response to the Covid-19 crisis, including:

  • Shifting in-person services to a digital delivery model
  • Rapidly establishing new income streams
  • Re-evaluating the support that people experiencing vulnerability need in this new environment
  • Re-prioritising scarce resources to focus on the most pressing challenges
Screenshot of 20 SVA consulting team members during a digital team meeting
Some of the SVA Consulting team during a digital meeting.

In addition, working with the Centre for Social Impact, we made the case for government to support the for-purpose sector through the crisis, with the SVA Consulting team leading on the modelling of the financial health of over 16,000 ACNC registered charities. This work formed a key input to a series of reports (available here) which have been widely covered in the mainstream media and which we have discussed with a range of sector stakeholders.

Thank you for all that you do. Please scroll down to learn a little more about the work we did in FY20 and the feedback from our clients. We look forward to continuing our vital partnerships as we work towards an Australia where all people and communities can thrive.

FY20 in numbers

Delivering excellent results for our clients is what drives our team. This financial year we’ve been busy delivering 227 projects, with 56% of this work coming from return clients.

Client feedback is incredibly important to us. Below we’ve shared a breakdown of responses from our client experience surveys in FY20.

FY20 in numbers


84% of our clients said that the outcome of our work together had been either 'Very important' or 'Important'


94% of clients said that they will implement either 'most' or 'all' of our recommendations


95% of our clients responded with an 8 or above out of 10 when asked how likely they were to recommend SVA Consulting to a friend or colleague

Powerful stories from FY20