Aruma 2019-22 Strategy Project

Aruma, (formerly House With No Steps and The Tipping Foundation)


Following from their merger, SVA was engaged to develop a new strategy for Aruma. The strategy was designed to help deliver on Aruma’s promise of being a customer-focused, high quality national provider of disability services and trusted partner to people with disability and their families.

Role we played

Working closely with the Aruma team, SVA Consulting:

  • Analysed the current and emerging needs of people with disability and their families, the current and emerging shape of the disability services market, and emerging trends and innovations to identify potential cohorts, services, and geographies where Aruma is uniquely placed to deliver impact
  • Facilitated workshops with the Aruma Board and executive to scope and develop a set of potential strategic options
  • Assessed the strategic options for impact and sustainability to determine “core” areas of focus
  • Scoped and costed strategic priorities, including identifying clear implementation milestones and modelling 5-year financial outcomes
  • Defined a set of financial and operational metrics and targets to track and inform strategy execution,


Aruma now has greater clarity on where they should focus, who their target customers are, what services they will provide and where, and what capabilities they need to build to position themselves for greater impact and future market leadership. They are currently implementing the strategy.