Google Australia Community Engagement Report 2020

The Community Engagement Report was commissioned by Google Australia to understand how the partnerships and diverse initiatives supported by Google are making a difference for Australian small businesses, not-for-profits and communities.

For this report, SVA engaged with many organisations that have worked with Google in 2020, and reviewed and analysed the investments and initiatives. The findings and stories presented in the report have been grouped under five themes which collectively provide an insight into how Google has leveraged its unique capabilities and focused its resources to help Australians succeed in a digital world.

Google Australia’s community contributions resulted in impact across the following five areas:

  • Pillar 1: Equip more Australians with digital skills
  • Pillar 2: Enable more resilient home-grown businesses and organisations
  • Pillar 3: Back innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies
  • Pillar 4: Elevate authoritative information
  • Pillar 5: Support causes important to Australians

In 2020, there were several highlights from across each of these pillars: