• Setting Goals and Thinking Big

    John Di Natale, managing director and founder of Big Think Business Booster, believes the key to success is in the power of setting goals. He says, “Setting goals gives you focus and commits you to a path”.

  • Tighter budgets need smarter funding

    How do we catalyse a transition from acute to preventative spending?

    Last week we saw Western Australia’s AA+ credit rating downgraded from stable to negative. The requisite “belt tightening” is underway, and sadly, community based preventative services are often the first to go. The cut to financial counselling services, at a time when more and more households are finding themselves in financial difficulties, is just one example.

  • A novel approach to social and affordable housing

    The extent of the social housing challenge demands innovative solutions.

    The extent of the social housing challenge in New South Wales is hard to overstate, with over 59,000 people on the waiting list, current stock unsuitable for many applicants, a maintenance bill of around $350m and rising property prices – city living is becoming less and less affordable.

  • Creating Shared Value through Employment

    There is a clear business case for focusing on the creation of shared value.

    SVA hosted a small, private session with Mark Kramer, co-author of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) article ‘Creating Shared Value’.