• Lift off on STEM skills for SVA Connection students

    Launching science experiments into space is just one of the exciting possibilities the SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection is opening up for primary school students from disadvantaged communities. SVA Project Officer, Education, Susannah Schoeffel explains.

  • Case study: Marnin Studio’s measurement journey so far

    As we begin the second year of our partnership with Marnin Studio and reflect on the first year’s progress, one of the areas that has been slower to progress than anticipated has been the development of the Studio’s outcomes measurement framework, systems and practices.

  • Dismantle – How our Venture Philanthropy Partnership is Trialling a New Regional Delivery Model

    In April we announced Dismantle as the newest venture in the WA venture philanthropy portfolio. Since then, we have been working closely with the Dismantle team to plan, structure and coordinate what is a very exciting and innovative venture partnership.

  • How two days in Adelaide can spark a raft of ideas for school leaders

    Bringing together diverse perspectives on the topic of partnerships, the 15th Thought Leadership Gathering (TLG) gave participants a wealth of actionable insights to explore in their own contexts. Here we talk to three attendees to find out which aspects of the TLG delivered the most value for them.