• Returning to country

    Indigenous people on country burning of

    The coronavirus pandemic presents an unlikely opportunity for some Aboriginal people seeking sanctuary on their traditional country. This is the third in our 3-part series sharing stories from SVA clients, partners and friends in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, where people are uniquely affected by the coronavirus crisis. Part 1 of the series […]

  • 7 Steps for keeping the lights on: Support for social enterprises (Covid-19 impact response)

    Email us at cstimpson@socialventures.com.au to set up a free office hour. Please include your business name, website and overview of your situation.

    The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly unfolding with significant impact on small businesses, especially social enterprises and Indigenous businesses. Major disruptions to our work and social lives are expected for the next six months. Planning is critical in order to survive an immediate loss in revenue, cash flow constraints, due liabilities, disruption in supply and most importantly impacts on employees. Here are seven great steps for keeping the lights on during this chaotic time.

  • ‘Fortress Groote’: managing safety, services and a mining economy in a remote Indigenous community

    Atnas Maeko from Bush Fit Mob during training with local staff

    As we are seeing in Australia’s highly populated areas, managing the interconnectedness of health, economic and social needs is complex amidst the coronavirus crisis. On the Groote Archipelago in the Northern Territory – where mining operations sit alongside local Indigenous communities – the situation is especially complex and the risks perhaps higher. At the start […]