SVA’s consulting team partners with social purpose organisations to strengthen their ability to address social issues and achieve results. We support leaders to make hard decisions, galvanise teams to sustain success and share insights with the social sector.

Since 2007, we have developed unique, on-the-ground experience supporting over 300 clients through 550 engagements.  We work on society’s most challenging issues including health, disability, housing, employment, education and Indigenous disadvantage.

We measure our success by the results our clients achieve. Our people are passionate about the work they do and the opportunity to create a better Australia.

While working to deliver a better society, our sector is faced with a raft of additional challenges including major sectoral reform, an uncertain funding environment and increasingly complex social problems.

We support clients individually and collectively, to understand these challenges, identify new ways and opportunities to address them and develop plans that are both aspirational and practical.

To find out more about how we can help you to develop your strategy, or to hear about the organisations we’ve helped, contact Olivia Hilton at or Stuart Lloyd-Hurwitz at

To learn a little more about what we do, take a moment to watch this short video taken at an SVA Quarterly debate attended by social sector leaders to discuss how the social sector can better use measurement and evaluation.

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Our services include:

Strategy Development and Planning

We help organisations clarify their purpose, establish clear goals, develop strategies to deliver and fund these goals, and then measure results.

Our approach

The process we follow with clients includes:

  • Understanding the client’s unique situation
  • Describing what success looks like and the goals that define it
  • Developing the strategies the organisation/network can pursue to increase social impact
  • Designing the structure, process and skills necessary to achieve the goals
  • Identifying what sources of sustainable revenue exist to support the strategy
  • Devising and embedding tools to measure progress and continuously improve.

Our process is both data driven and consultative. We engage with all relevant stakeholders – be they beneficiaries, the Board, executive, staff, funders and/or partner organisations — in appropriate and timely ways so that they can contribute to, understand and support the strategy.

We work to suit the organisation’s size, style and structure.

“Thanks to the process we have a focused direction and a team of people aligned behind it – the two outcomes you dream about for any planning process.”

CEO, Alzheimer’s NSW

We have had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative leaders and organisations in the social sector. We bring this experience as well as new ideas developed from these interactions to support every project. Where appropriate we can connect potential partners to scale social impact.

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Impact Measurement

Impact measurement is critical for social purpose organisations and funders to understand and communicate how their work makes a difference. It enables organisations to improve impact, whether through better services for clients, better resource allocation, continuous improvement or more rapid innovation.

SVA supports organisations to identify what to measure, to develop the tools to collect data and to analyse and learn from the results. Specifically we help to:

  • Clarify and validate theories of change and program logic models
  • Design and implement measurement tools and  systems, including measures, data collection processes and reporting frameworks
  • Create shared measurement strategies for collaboratives, networks and associations.

Theory of change/Program logic

To know what to measure, organisations need to be clear about what they are trying to achieve. SVA uses theory of change and program logic to help organisations do this.

Theory of change and program logic provides a framework to assess whether an intervention(s) is working and how it can be improved. We provide a unique approach to develop these frameworks and prioritise the outcomes to measure. This approach is called ‘The Golden Thread’.

“The Golden Thread methodology helped us to clarify what outcomes were more important and as a result what data we should be collecting to demonstrate and improve our impact.”

Cindy Reece Mitchell, CEO, No Sweat Fashions

We provide workshops for organisations individually or collectively to define their theory of change/program logic.

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Design and implement measurement tools and systems

Once organisations are clear on the outcomes they seek, we help to identify indicators and tools to collect and analyse these.

We research the best ways of measuring different types of outcomes be they social, economic, cultural or environmental. This may be by accessing public data, developing questionnaires and surveys, or identifying how to quantify soft outcomes e.g. confidence or well-being.

We help identify and/or develop appropriate tools to gather, evaluate and report on the outcomes.

We are practical experts in helping everyone – from frontline staff to senior management – to develop the skills required to embed impact measurement and a culture of continuous improvement in the organisation. Through workshops, one-on-one training and ongoing support we ensure organisations can effectively and efficiently use the resulting information to increase their impact.

Shared measurement

Our work on shared measurement brings together groups of social purpose organisations and funders to develop shared approaches to impact measurement across their area of work. Many organisations realise that their approach to measuring results often neglects the reality that no single organisation alone can solve today’s social challenges.

We support groups to develop shared outcomes frameworks, to understand the impact of different types of activities, and allow comparison and learning between different organisations to improve overall performance.

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Evaluation including SROI

SVA works in collaboration with our clients and their partners to deliver a range of evaluation services that provide practical insights and recommendations to increase social impact and demonstrate success.

We assist organisations to design and conduct comprehensive reviews, multi-year evaluations and retrospectives using a range of data collection methods with a focus on communicating results in meaningful ways.


Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a principles-based method for measuring the social, environmental, economic and cultural value not reflected in conventional financial accounting. Through engaging with stakeholders, it is possible to identify the impact generated and to place a financial value on this impact. This can be compared to the resources invested in achieving the impact.

SVA is Australia’s leading practitioner of Social Return on Investment (SROI). We completed over 100 SROI-related projects in the first five years of practicing SROI. We conduct SROI analysis to forecast the value of a specific investment or program, to develop a baseline upon which future progress can be assessed and to evaluate results against a baseline.

During these projects we work collaboratively with clients to transfer knowledge and skills so that they can conduct future analyses themselves, and to help them to understand how to use the information to improve their results.

We also provide accredited SROI training based on the guidelines set by the Global SROI Network. Completion of this course counts towards becoming an Accredited Practitioner with the SROI Network. Attendees of the course come away with a deeper understanding of the SROI methodology and the ability to apply the principles of SROI in the workplace.

We remain at the forefront of SROI developments through our global memberships. We are on the board of the Global SROI Network and the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia (SIMNA), and a member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).

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Shared Value

Business leaders are increasingly looking to address social and environmental challenges by creating profitable business growth through incorporating Shared Value into their core business strategies.

SVA can assist corporates to:

  • Identify Shared Value opportunities
  • Develop strategies to implement them, and
  • Measure and evaluate them.

With deep experience and consulting expertise in both the commercial and social sector, SVA is ideally positioned to design initiatives that combine business growth with social impact. Our expertise in strategy development and measurement and evaluation of social impact is to the foundation for this work.

We also bring insights from being a founding member of the Shared Value Project (SVP). SVP is a local consortium with links to a global network of shared value consultants. Through this initiative, SVA is at the forefront of how organisations around the world are using profit to drive solutions to societal issues.

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SVA facilitates social purpose organisations, governments, and corporations to achieve large-scale solutions to social problems through identifying potential partnerships and developing strategies to execute them. We have experience in social purpose organisation integration, mergers and acquisitions, as well as Collective Impact.

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